Eco Degrease

Eco – Degrease is a highly effective, low cost environmental solution for removing heavy grease, oils, bitumen and asphalt in a wide range of applications and surfaces.

Application is simple and quick….. simply apply Eco-Degrease on to the surface to be cleaned by spraying, misting or brushing.

Allow 15-20 minutes of dwell or activation time. Remove with hot or cold high pressure wash.

Exceptionally heavy deposits may require a second or spot application of Eco-Degease and rewash.

Eco Degrease – is a unique cleaner, primarily derived from natural edible plant oils, free of volatile organic compound designed to address the environmental issues surrounding the removal of bitumen, asphalt and grease.

Containing the latest technology in organic surfactants Eco-Degrease will leave your surface cleaned without any visible residue when rinsed with clean water.

Some quick facts:-

  • Eco-Degrease is safe and easy to use.
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Requires no mixing or dilution
  • Use to “pre coat” equipment to make cleaning simple.
  • Can be used in enclosed situations
  • Requires no specialised ventilation
  • Odourless
  • Flash point >150C make it ideal to use around working equipment
  • Non Carcinogenic
  • Safe to use on paints, glass and rubber

Eco-Degrease is ideal for use in commercial and domestic applications.